Our 2017 KIDS FIRST! Film Critics

Dariana A.

Dariana ADariana A. is a sixth grader from southern California.  She is eleven years old. She and her older brother and parents like to watch lots of movies together and play trivia when they go out to eat. When she is with her friends, who call her Dari, she likes to play Nerf or just hang out and talk. Besides movies, her other interest is drawing.  As for movies, Dariana is a big fan of superheroes, especially The Avengers or Captain America.  Her favorite actors are Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell. The high point of her school life has been getting the Presidential Award from President Obama during her fifth grade graduation.  Dariana wants to be an actress or a director when she grows up and sees the opportunity to be a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic as a way to see more films and meet other actors.

Mia A.

Mia A.Thirteen-year-old Mia A.lives in Colorado and her friends call her Mimi. She loves to travel and visits the Humane Society in every city she can. She is an avid seamstress. Her specialty is sewing bandanas for dogs. When she grows up, she aspires to own a dog rescue center and help connect dogs with their forever homes. Her greatest accomplishment has been persuading her parents to allow her to get Maddie, a delightful apricot colored Cavapoo puppy.  Her favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Raven Devanney. She enjoys seeing different films and meeting lots of new people through her work with KIDS FIRST!

Calista B.

Calista BCalista B. is thirteen, in grade eight and lives in southern California.  She is known as Callie or Cosmo by her friends.  She is an only child and enjoys movies, video games, trips to museums, Comic-Con and the beach with her family.  She and her friends make YouTube videos and play video games. Her other interests include reading and writing. Her favorite films are those by the director Tim Burton, while her favorite actress is Emma Watson.  She hopes to work in film as an actor, director or writer when she grows up.  She has a early start. She has interviewed the cast of  The Walking Dead  at Comic-Con. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she hopes she will meet more actors and that her honest opinions on films will be well received.

Imani B.

Imani B.Imani B. is an only child from the greater NYC area. She and her mom have very strong relationship. They enjoy conversing about various topics and watching movies or TV at home and at the cinema. During her free time, she likes to  read, engage in social media and hang out with her friends. She admires many actors, but Emma Roberts is a favorite because of her sense of humor and the type of films she appears  in. In the TV series, Scream Queens she plays Channel Oberlin and really delivers an outstanding character. Imani sees herself as a model, fashion designer and editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine when she grows up. She also plans to be involved in the entertainment business as an actress or something else. She recently transferred to a new school and has kept her my grades up really high, something she is quite proud of. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to attending press screenings and sharing her opinion with others about films that she sees.  

Brianna Hope B.

BriannaSixteen-year-old Brianna B. lives in Clermont, FL with her parents. She has an older sister who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her favorite things to do are play board games, watch TV, cook, read. write stories, play tag, swim and goof off with her friends who call her BB. Brianna's favorite movie is I am Sam. Brianna looks up to actress Drew Barrymore because she started acting at a young age and seems to be the kind of person who doesn't care what people say about her. Brianna aspires to be a successful actress, a restaurant owner and wants to write a fictional novel. She is most proud that she has performed in theatre plays and won best actress, most dramatic and most reliable awards at her theatre school. Brianna enjoys sharing and expressing her feelings about films through her video and written reviews. KIDS FIRST! gives her many opportunities to write and speak out as a host of our weekly radio show, KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions and her blog on kidsfirst.org.

Kamhai B.

Kamhai B.Kanhai Beard is twelve years old and lives in Georgia with his three brothers and sisters. They like to stay up late playing board games or talking about their schoolwork or eating his favorite food - ramen noodles. He is very good in school, earning over twenty awards. He wants to be a manga artist when he grows up.  His favorite movie is Angry Birds because it is really funny.  He enjoys his work as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because he is able to see great movies before they are released and write reviews to help other people make good movie choices.


Morgan B.

morganMorgan B, age 12, comes from Colorado but is in Los Angeles most of the time pursuing her acting career. She loves both states. In Colorado she plays in the snow, enjoys the changing seasons and enjoys less traffic. She loves California because she gets to act and swim year-round. She is an Honor Role student. Her favorite movies are My Fair LadyGigi, Kubo and the Two Strings, Storks and The Eagle Huntress. She loves movies of all types – animation, live action, romance, documentaries and comedies. Lucile Ball is her favorite actress and she loves watching reruns of her shows. Morgan aspires to be a actress, journalist and a reporter. Morgan loves interviewing people and learning about them. Morgan has had the pleasure of interviewing Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma and director Ang Lee., Justine Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey, Barbra Eden, Lewis Gossett Jr., Mo McRae, Michael Yo, Kate Linder and many more. She has appeared on TV and national commercials numerous times. She loves being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and hosting KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions, our weekly radio show.

Nathaniel B.

Nathaniel B.Nathaniel B. is 11 years old and lives in Boulder, Colorado with his parents and an older sister, Sydney. He likes to play games, pillow fight, travel, read great books, play multiple computer games, watch TV and movies. He has many favorite films and loves writing. His favorite foods are naan, spaghetti, mac & cheese, and pizza. He aspires to be best-selling author when he is older. He is co-writing a book with his sister and writes multiple short stories with friends. What he likes most about being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is getting to make video reviews of the films he watches and interviewing talent from the films. He got to interview Jack Black and Emma Stone. His sister gave him the nickname of “potato” when he was in 4th grade and she still calls him that. He has good relationships with his family and enjoys time with friends. 

Keefer B.

Keefer B.Keefer B., age 16, lives in Los Angeles part-time and Washington state part-time. He loves roller skating, being with friends and making movies. Keefer enjoys TV shows such as Sherlock and sees as many movies as possible. Some of Keefer’s favorite films include Good Morning Vietnam and Thank You for Smoking for their comedy and commentary of society. Mel Brooks, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey are among his favorite actors because they all know how to capture audiences’ hearts with humor. He aspires to be a producer, director and cinematographer. His favorite film critic is the late Roger Ebert. "I read Roger Ebert's film reviews until the day he died and his passion for movies continues to inspire me.” As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Keefer enjoys expressing his own opinions to people who love movies because, “Movies are my life and being able express my passion for them though KIDS FIRST! is amazing.” He loves hosting the weekly radio show, KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions and writing a monthly blog for kidsfirst.org.

Kamyrn B.

Kamryn BKamryn B. known to her friends as Kamkam, lives in southern California with her parents and younger brother. She is fifteen and in tenth grade. She enjoys movies, shopping and eating out with her family. Reading, talking and watching movies are activities she shares with her friends. When watching movies, she focuses on the characters. She likes actors who are good at playing a lot of different roles and feels that Ben Affleck does this well. Her favorite movie at this time is Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, which always makes her cry at some point in the film.  Her ambition is to be journalist and photographer.  Being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic will be a first step on the road to being a journalist. She looks forward to interviewing people, reporting and writing with a purpose.  

Angelie C.

Angelie CAngelie C. is 13 years old and lives in Los Angeles. She is homeschooled and loves English. Reading has taken her to amazing places and the books sometimes take a visual turn into a great movie, which she loves to critique and share her opinions. Viewing the movie through the director's perspective is her passion. She aspires to direct and star in her own movie when she grows up. Angelie has appeared in several commercials and has guest stared in some TV series. In her spare time she has participated in five plays where she has received two Best Supporting Actress nominations. Her hobbies include hosting, dancing, singing, talking about her favorite characters in a TV show and sharing her opinions in her reviews for KIDS FIRST!

Brandon C.

brandonBrandon C. lives in Doral, Florida and is fifteen years old. He is a single child, likes to watch television, eat, and travel with his parents. He enjoys playing video games, playing basketball and watching movies. His favorite film is Spaceballs because of all the funny scenes. Arnold Schwarzenegger is his favorite actor because of his catchy movie quotes. His favorite food is boneless buffalo wings. When he grows up he wants to work for Rooster Teeth. His greatest accomplishment is joining the Doral Performing Arts Academy and his favorite film critic is Roger Ebert. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, he enjoys getting out his name in the film industry and meeting new people. Brandon is one of our bilingual reporters and his reviews are done in both Spanish and English.

Michelle C.

Michelle C.Michelle C. is eighteen years old and lives in Miami, Florida. Her friends call her Michi and she has three sisters and three brothers. She enjoys cooking, attending movies and film festivals, reading, singing, dancing, acting and even films her own makeup tutorials that she uploads to her YouTube Channel. Her favorite film series is Harry Potter because she thinks that the films bring the books to life flawlessly. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston because she can be hilarious in one scene and serious in another. Her favorite types of food are Italian, Mexican and Chinese. She aspires to be in the entertainment industry whether it's behind the scenes or on-camera. Her greatest accomplishment is interviewing Genesis Rodriguez at the age of sixteen. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she enjoys meeting new people, expanding her horizons in the community and interviewing talent. She is one of our bilingual reporters and her reviews appear in both Spanish and English.

Linda D.

Linda DLinda D. is a 7th grade student from the greater NYC area. She is an only child and loves riding her bike in the park, going to car shows and doing community service work together with her family. She also enjoys crafting, communicating via social media and playing video games. Her favorite film is Fault in Our Stars because it made her laugh and cry. As an adult, she sees herself working behind the scenes in film and photography. Her greatest accomplishment to date is being the youngest to be honored as Girl World of Merit for her volunteer work. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to learning more about the entertainment industry and having hands on experiences.

Rohan F.

Rohan F.Rohan F. is an eleven-year-old, sixth grade resident of New York City. He and his nine-year-old brother and their parents like going to parks, New York City events and attractions and they watch movies every Saturday night. Hopefully after the movie he gets to enjoy his mom’s lasagna, his favorite food. Rohan enjoys enjoy playing sports such as soccer and baseball. His favorite movie is The Matrix. He has won a couple essay contests, enjoys reading books and watching television. He likes to play video games such as Minecraft. His favorite books are the Skullduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy and the Artemis fowl series by Eoin Colfer. His favorite television show is Doctor Who.

Lucia Funaro

Lucia FLucia Funaro is a 17-year-old high school senior in New York City.  Film Critic Clayton P. suggested she join KIDS FIRST!, knowing how much she loves movies and sharing her ideas with others.  Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp, because she likes how he dramatically transforms himself in every film.  Her favorite movie is Sing Street which shows aspiring musicians overcoming obstacles. This fits in with another important part of her life.  She is a singer who has performed at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and in her school’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream in Motown.  She hopes to become a professional singer or DJ and will be interning at Scratch DJ Academy soon.  In the meantime, she enjoys working hard as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Alejandra G.

AlejandraFourteen-year-old Alejandra G. lives in southern Florida, is an only child and a freshman in high school. She and her friends watch videos, talk and share ideas, dance and go out to different places. With her family she travels, watches old videos and has fun.  She loves sushi, Subway, arepas, cheesecake and frozen yogurt! She was accepted into the TV Production program at her school with the goal of working in the entertainment industry.  She is studying acting and videography. “I want to be a successful and happy woman who accomplishes her dreams and is proud of who she is. Her favorite film is The Notebook because of its unique plot which completely drew her into the film. She admires Blake Lively as an actress because she of her versatility. Her favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Michelle C. who is also from south Florida. Alejandra looks forward to being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because it offers her opportunities to grow and develop skills needed to work in this industry. “I desire to thrive in my passion so I can be closer to achieving my life goal and to learn from all the other team members in KIDS FIRST! Film Critics and run with it.”  

Lizeth G.

Lizeth GLizeth G., of southern California, is fifteen and in the tenth grade.  She is the fourth of five children in her family, including a pair of older twin brothers.  They all get together and go hiking or spend a day at the park. They love to watch movies too.  She plays soccer and goes to amusement parks with her friends.  She has won two medals in the LA Marathon. When she has some time alone, she enjoys reading. She wants to be a journalist.  Alice through the Looking Glass is her current favorite film because of its layers of different plots and different meanings.  She likes Johnny Depp because he seems to get into character so easily.   As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she hopes to develop better speaking skills and learn more about the role of critic.

Maria G

Maria GMaria G. is a 17-year-old high school junior in Miami, Florida.  She Maris the youngest in a family of three children.  Her family enjoys going to church, to the beach and eating out together. She likes Greek salad, steamed salmon, greens and fruits, but brownies and ice cream count among her favorite foods as well. Maria has many interests in addition to watching films and making videos. She plays the piano, does photography, visits art museums and listens to music. She has interviewed a well known surgeon for a documentary and has reviewed several films for KIDS FIRST! already. She hopes to become a broadcast journalist and become an advocate for clean water in third world countries.  Her favorite films are the Back to the Future trilogy because of its characters, message and the way the three movies are tied together through specific scenes. Tom Hanks and Michael J. Fox are favorite actors.  As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she hopes to improve her communication skills and looks forward to watching films before they premiere. 

Tre'ana H.

Tre'ana H.Tre'ana is thirteen years old and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her friends call her Tre and she has three siblings - Samir, who is 35, Me'Shel who is 28 and Michael who is 22. She loves to go out to dinner, go to the movies and to amusement parks with her parents. She enjoys ice skating, going shopping with friends and having sleepovers. Annie is her favorite film because she likes its musical aspects and its humor. Her favorite actor is Kevin Hart because he is a funny comedian.  Her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. She aspires to be an actress, singer, model and doctor. Her greatest accomplishments are making honor roll and joining the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team. She enjoys watching new movie releases and expressing her opinion to the world.

Adrian Raylene H.

Adrian HTwelve-year-old Adrian H. lives in Los Angeles and is in the seventh grade.  She, her younger brother and her parents enjoy watching movies, complete with popcorn.  They share game nights and family celebrations and try to eat their meals together without cell phones. Her favorite dinner is her mom’s pizza.  With friends she goes to movies and sleepovers or just hangs out.  Her friends call her ‘Star’.  She enjoys dancing, modeling and reading scripts.  She envisions a future for herself in the movie industry but plans to going to college first. She gets straight A’s in school.  Her most recent favorite movie is Pete’s Dragon, while her favorite actor is Anna Kendrick because she is funny and does not take herself too seriously.  The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics are her favorite critics. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to learning more about critiquing films and hopes to make a difference. 

Talia J.

Talia JTalia J. or Tali-wali as she is sometimes called, is in the eighth grade.  She is fourteen and her sister is eighteen. They go on vacations with their parents, go to movies or just talk - with a lot of laughing. She enjoys spending time alone with a good book or writing her own stories. With friends, she plays Wii, goes out to lunch (especially for Pho) or plays volleyball.  Her favorite actress is Emma Watson because she is a strong inspiration for young women. The Harry Potter series is adored, but her favorite film is Moonrise Kingdomfor which Talia appreciates the director’s quirky style and fine cinematography. Her keen visual sense leads her to want to be a director or writer. She has enjoyed writing and directing videos for the school yearbook team.  Being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic will give her the opportunity to find herself in the film making world.  

Willie J.

willieWillie J. (age 17) enjoys watching movies, television and theater. Willie has many interests - acting, writing, directing and sports. His favorite film is A Few Good Men. His favorite actors are Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. His favorite writer is Woody Allen who also happens to be his favorite director. Willie aspires to be a professional actor, director and writer of both the stage and screen. Film critics he admires include Roger Ebert and Robert Osborne.  As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Willie enjoys learning more about films, studying the art and craft of film and being able to articulate his opinions about film in an intelligible way to others. 

Ella L.

Ella LElla L. is thirteen and lives with her family in southern California. She has an 18-year-old brother who attends U.C. Berkeley. Her family enjoys traveling to Berkeley to see him, vacations, snorkeling together and family dinners, especially sushi. With her friends, Ella enjoys watching movies, hanging out, shopping and eating pizza - her favorite food.  She aspires to be an actress or possibly a lawyer when she grows up. Her favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio stars in her favorite film, Titanic. She appreciates films that can tell a story in a captivating way and actors who can portray different characters with intellectual depth but who are easy to relate to. She is looking forward to being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. It is an opportunity to view movies more analytically, to write critically and to see her work being published.

Abigail Zoe L.

abigailAbigail Zoe L., 9-years-old, is from Orange County, California. She has appeared in multiple commercials, TV episodes and short films. Recent projects include voicing Shelby in DreamWorks’ animated series, The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show and a recurring role for AMC. Abigail has a Black Belt in Taekwondo, loves to sing, dance, ice skate and swim. Some of her favorite actors include Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. Her favorite food is lasagna. When Abigail grows up she hopes to continue acting and be a veterinarian. Abigail is most proud to be part of the Points of Light PSA project that inspires young people to make a difference. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she enjoys interviewing, being on the red carpet and prescreening awesome movies!

Lara M.

Lara M.Lara M. is fifteen. She has one sister, seventeen-year-old Samantha who is also a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.  This southern California family likes to watch movies, of course, but also spends time painting and shopping at the mall. Her favorite food is any type of pasta. With her friends, Lara watches videos. She also enjoys drawing.  Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series and the movies are also her favorites.  She is not sure what she will do when she grows up, but already has her own column in the Santa Clarita Magazine and her own book club.  As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to the excitement of reporting on the red carpet because “It is exciting!”

Samantha M.

Samantha MSamantha M. is 17, lives in southern California and has a younger sister. She enjoys taking her dogs to the beach, playing basketball and singing. She loves dancing with her friends and going to the arcade to win stuffed animals. She has over 75,000 arcade tickets saved! Her favorite film is Up because Doug, the dog, is simply hilarious. Dogs are her favorite animal and, whenever is in a film, it’s at the top of her go-to list. Her favorite actress is Jennette McCurdy from ICarly because she is so comedic and rebellious. Her favorite food is candy! She owns two gumball machines and a stuffed Tootsie Roll. When she grows up, she aspires to be an entrepreneur and develop a business helping people. Her greatest accomplishment is starting her own foundation, Linking Individuals Network Connections, which helps teens choose careers best suited for them. She has interviewed book publishers, lawyers and a scout for the LA Clippers on her radio show on KHTS. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to watching films and telling other kids about them so they can enjoy them as much as she has.  

Katlyn M.

Katlyn M.11-year-old Katlyn M. hails from the greater NYC area. She and her friends, who call her “K,” love to play basketball, handball and videogames together. She has a 6-year-old half sister and her family enjoys baking, arts & crafts and watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Her favorite film is Now You See Me 2 because is filled with cool magic tricks. Adam Sandler is her favorite actor because he is very funny and so versatile. You just never know what to expect from him. She aspires to become a forensic scientist for either the FBI or CIA when she grows up. Her greatest accomplishment so far is speaking at her Community Board in front of elected officials and letting them know that she favors expanding the local library. She was the only child that spoke and was proud that they valued her opinions. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she loves seeing as many films as possible so when can give recommendations to others and hopes to meet Adam Sandler at some point. Fingers crossed!

Jolleen M.

Jolleen MJolleen M., age twelve, is in the seventh grade in southern California. She and her parents and her younger brother watch movies together, play sports and travel.  She gets together with friends to talk, play games and shop.  She also enjoys reading, singing, playing guitar and dancing.  The magical creatures and spells of the Harry Potter films create a whole different world, making them her favorite movies. Emma Watson is her favorite actress because of her acting skill and intelligence. Magic is interesting in food, too. She likes tempura ice cream. Not only does it taste good, it does seem magical to fry something frozen.  She has done well in a singing competition and hopes to keep on singing, even while planning to be a doctor. Being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic interests her because she will enjoy interviewing celebrities in person.

Arjun N.

Arjun N. Arjun N. hails from Brentwood, TN, is 15-year-old and in the ninth grade. He has an 8-year-old brother and enjoys watching movies, visiting new places and taking walks with his family. He also enjoys playing video games and participating in school clubs with friends. His favorite film is Inception because it is such a mind-blowing thriller that requires multiple viewings to understand it. Leonardo DiCaprio is his favorite actor because “he delivers the best of the best.” His favorite type of food is Japanese and he aspires to become a doctor when he grows up. His greatest accomplishment so fat is representing his school and winning a medal for “duet acting” in an inter-school forensics (speech and debate) tournament. Arjun’s favorite film critic is Chris Stuckmann because he delivers great opinions and all types of film reviews. What he likes about his role as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is getting to watch and review movies before they are released, meeting and interviewing celebrities and improving his writing and on-camera skills.

Gerry O

Gerry O Gerry O., or “G” is 14 and lives in SoCal. Gerry's been a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic for four years. His love of film and desire to learn as much about filmmaking as possible led him to KIDS FIRST! where he had been submitting his own films since age 9! He enjoys watching movies, filming and editing videos and cooking and aspires to direct films as a career. His favorite film is Schindler's List because it is a masterpiece that portrays a story very few people know about and he relates to it personally. Directed by Steven Spielberg, he thinks it is a “perfect piece of filmmaking.” His favorite actor is Robin Williams because his ability to portray so many characters in both comedy and drama is unsurpassed. Leonard Maltin is his favorite film critic because of his honest criticism and outstanding writing style. His greatest accomplishments are getting his films into festivals, finishing his book and receiving the KIDS FIRST! "200th Film Review Award." Most memorable of his experiences as a KIDS FIRST! reporter are meeting Morgan Freeman and visiting Dreamworks Studios. Next up: G hopes to complete another 100 film reviews before starting college and will continue to write and create videos.

Carla P.

Carla P.Seventh grader Carla P. hails from Cliffside Park, New Jersey and has a younger 9-year-old sister. As a family, they like going out to eat (especially TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s burger), shopping at the mall and going to the park. She likes to hang out with her friends, listening to music, playing outside or inside. Her favorite film is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty because it is so imaginative. Her favorite actor is Cole Sprouse whose performance on Riverdale caught her eye.  When she matures, she sees herself as a writer or music critic. Her greatest accomplishment so far is getting onto her school’s honor roll. What she likes most about being on the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team is meeting famous actors and seeing films before they are released.

Clayton P.

Clayton P.Clayton P. is seventeen years old and lives in New York City. He is an only child but has three dogs named Rainbow, Connor and Athena and a cat named Yin. He enjoys movies, playing soccer, tennis and skiing. He also likes to play games on X-Box and the computer. For the past three summers, he has been attending outdoor Shakespeare camp. His favorite director is Hayao Miyazaki and his film Castle in the Sky because of its great animation and music. Leonardo Di Caprio is his favorite actor and his favorite food is grilled corn with manchego cheese. He aspires to be an actor, a YouTube celebrity, a vet and a chef. He is currently applying for college but will take a gap year prior.  As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic he enjoys interviewing actors and directors and seeing films before they are released. Clayton is a monthly blogger on Kidsfirst.org.

Benjamin P.

Benjamin P.Eleven-year-old Benjamin P. lives in McLean, Virginia and is a single child. He enjoys going to museums, to the movies, traveling, playing outside games, playing with action figures or LEGOs and reading. His favorite film is The Avengers because he really likes superheroes. His favorite food, like most kids, is pizza. His greatest accomplishment so far is being featured in the newspaper for his website. His favorite film critics are Roger Ebert and Ann Hornaday. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic he likes seeing movies and helping people know which ones to see by reading and watching his reviews.


Ryan R.

Ryan R.Ryan R. is thirteen years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has two older sisters, loves to travel and see shows with his parents. He also enjoys playing with LEGOs, video games, watching movies, listening to music and reading comic books. His favorite film is Inside Out because of its plot and humor. When he grows up, he wants to be a film director or actor. His greatest accomplishment is facing his fear of heights and having appeared on ABC News when film critic Sandy Kenyon aired his photograph and quoted his review for The Good Dinosaur. This past August, he was on the news with his KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team members alongside Sandy for Pete’s Dragon. As KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, he likes gaining a better understanding of the entertainment industry by reporting from premieres and interviewing celebrities. Most recently, he attended a press screening and reviewed The LEGO Batman Movie.

Shelby R.

Shelby R.Shelby R. is delighted to be a member of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team. Shelby is an only child and resides in the Tampa Bay area.  Crowned Ms. Howard W. Blake High School in 2016, she is an acting major in the performing arts magnet program and represents her school and community in volunteer and political platforms.  Professionally acting in film, television and theatre since 2014, she loves to express and share her opinions about films. During her leisure time, Shelby loves to travel and go shoe shopping. Currently her favorite film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because of its great cinematography, acting and plot. In efforts to sharpen her skills as a reporter and broadcaster, in 2016 she attended the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Advanced Boot Camp and the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA) camp at the University of Minnesota.

Na'im S.

Na'imEleven-year-old Na'im lives in Brooklyn, New York and is an only child. He enjoys playing video games, guitar and drums, playing and watching basketball and watching movies with his parents. His favorite films are Ride Along 2 and Central Intelligence because they are both filled with action and comedy. His favorite actor is Kevin Hart  because he is funny and he makes movies interesting. His loves Thai food, especially pad see ew. When he grows up he wants to be a famous athlete, musician, basketball player and a film critic. His greatest accomplishment is being in a kids band that has performed all around New York. His favorite film critics are Gerry and Keefer from KIDS FIRST! As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, he enjoys attending movie screenings and interviewing famous actors.

Miles T.

milesMiles T. is twelve years old and lives with his parents in Brooklyn, New York. Miles loves to cook, watch movies, do board games, travel and talk with his parents and friends. He likes to play Minecraft, Trove, soccer and to eat with his friends. His favorite film is Home Alone 5 because he likes how the main character learns strategies from a man in Japan. His favorite actor is Chris Pratt and he especially enjoyed his performance in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. His favorite foods are sushi, Ethiopian and Italian cuisine. He especially likes pasta. He wants to be a film maker when he grows up and his greatest accomplishment is being open to new things, like trying different foods from all over the world. His favorite film critic is Keefer, one of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics. He enjoys interviewing people on the red carpet in his official role as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Tristan T.

Tristan TTristan T., or “T” as he is sometimes called by his friends, lives in Dallas, Texas where he is in the ninth grade.  He is an only child who enjoys watching movies, hiking and biking with his parents.  He enjoys swimming and playing with his two dogs in his free time.  He plays video games seriously, has designed a new game and plans on a career as a game designer and programmer.  His favorite film is Non-Stop because it actually is non-stop action.  His favorite actor is Chris Pratt because of how he dives into his various characters.   He keeps with up Rotten Tomatoes’ criticism and, as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic looks forward to learning more about films and sharing his own thoughts about them.

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