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What to know: Features over 100 levels of play, 18 riddles set across six photo-realistic scenes and unique magic riddles.
Recommended age 5-10
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Enjoyed it, some loved it. All ages wanted to play it. The kids said they would tell their friends about this game. It was very easy to play. Some were frustrated because they couldn't change the level of difficulty. "It just starts out hard." Earning the tickets gave the kids a goal within the game. Favorite part: They loved the riddles. Many were challenging even for the 11-year-olds."Awesome!" "It was a little challenging at parts."
Overall, this game is packed with benefits and fun. It is a great value at the price. It is easy to use, the child can control the pace of the material and it holds your place when you exit so you can easily return to it. Kids can easily turn it on and run it by themselves. It is a terrific game for problem solving and creative thinking. There are multiple levels of difficulty to choose from. This is a game that gets the brain working. It is not simply, "not harmful," it is engaging, creative and fun. Kids will want to play this and have their friends play along. Trying to find hidden objects on a small screen is quite challenging and, as with most I Spy products, you have to think outside the box. Great graphic design. The only drawback is that it may be too frustrating to find the hidden objects on such a tiny screen. The game is well thought out and a great instructional tool. Users are positively encouraged and instructed, if they make an error in a non-demeaning way.
Features over 100 levels of play, 18 riddles set across six photo-realistic scenes and unique magic riddles. Play three fast-paced games that test your brain power, toss objects from screen-to-screen, & advance to bonus rounds. Platform: Nintendo.
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