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What to know: A sing-along, dance-along basic introduction to spirituality for kids.
Recommended age 4-7
31 minutes
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Mixed reactions, from it's okay to kids who really enjoyed it. "The songs were fun but the kids were kind of silly." "I liked this video a lot because there were more girls. They looked cool and sang beautifully. They weren't mean at all." "I would watch it a lot more times. It was very fun." "My friends would love it. It would be fun to always do this with friends - to dance I mean." "The spirit kids danced and sang about Noah and God's love." The kids enjoyed joining along in song and dance. "This movie got me to think about God and his power."
Very energetic and the dance format encourages participation. It has a message to communicate and does it in bits and pieces interspersed with activity. The lyrics reinforce the message and the vocabulary is age appropriate. Communicating a spiritual content is tricky for younger kids but this accomplishes it without being too weighty. It's also very practical - be helpful, be responsible, etc. This video won't be for everyone but it is very respectful of the audience. The images and imagination clips add a great deal, making the imagination dance time more understandable for younger viewers. The switches to the email question discussions are also done in a smooth and purposeful manner. It encourages kids to be good citizens and is motivating to keep kids moving. It clearly and directly tells kids how they can apply the principles to their daily lives. Zippy music, good action and colorful sets make this a fun show to watch and move along to. Christian content.
A sing-along, dance-along basic introduction to spirituality for kids. This video series makes learning about God and his universe fun and easy to understand. A perfect tool to help encourage kids to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.
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