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What to know: Features animals and stories from around the world.
Recommended age 5-12
37 minutes
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Loved it. "It was beautiful to watch." "We liked all of the fish." "I loved seeing the dolphins." "My friends would like this; they like seeing all the schools of fish and other creatures." "We liked the pictures of dolphins and anemones and fish and coral and really all the things in the oceans." "It made it so pretty to see under the water." "Nice music." "We had to look up what some of the fish were because we thought they were one kind but weren't sure." "This show has so many different kinds of fish and other animals - it's unbelievable how many things there are in the ocean."
Beautiful photography and background music. Watching all the ocean life was amazing. Fascinating animals to see and learn more about. Very enjoyable to watch this beautiful presentation. Good format that is suitable for adults as well as kids. Encourages respect for the ocean and stimulates interest in learning more.
Features animals and stories from around the world. Will leave you in awe of the most amazing and diverse ocean life on our planet. Pristine reefs of Papua New Guinea, Komodo Dragons of Indonesia, mating dolphins of the Caribbean Sea, whale sharks in the Galapagos and magnificent kelp forests off the California coast.
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