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What to know: Ten-year-old Ryan is having a difficult day.
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Recommended age 8-12
6 minutes
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This starts out as a very odd film but the surprise at the end puts everything into perspective. At first, it is strange how the boy reacts to his imaginary friend. However, at the end you find out that he is actually imaginary and that his friend is real. There is some peculiar dialogue such as "I need a therapist" and "you forget things because when you were little your father dropped you on your head." The storyline is quirky but it's so odd that it's engaging. The topic of imaginary friends is not a new one, yet this one has an interesting twist that makes it unique. The parent's behavior is peculiar until you figure out that they too are imaginary. The filmmaker does a good job of manipulating your emotions throughout the film. Kids would probably get a kick out of this. It's playful and offers a sense of make believe.
Ten-year-old Ryan is having a difficult day. He is frustrated with his imaginary friend, Dennis. Ryan tries to confide in his parents, but all they can do is talk in circles and dance on the table.
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