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What to know: Annie, an eleven-year-old imaginative loner, is obsessed with outer space.
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Recommended age 8-12
10 minutes
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Annie wants to build a space ship but once her friends find it they break it. To redeem their friendship, all the girls rebuild the ship and go into space in their imaginations. At first, the girls are mean to Annie but then, they want to be friends. The animated segments of their imaginations is nicely done and shows things such as space ships. The girls speak with British accents which at times makes it difficult to understand what is being said. The easy-to-follow storyline shows Annie's love of space and shows how she is not afraid of what the other kids think of her. Even when they tease her, she stands up to them. Well produced for a student production. Audio is pretty clear, camera shots interesting, and the animation engaging. This would be a fun title for kids to watch and talk about their fantasies and imaginations. Be sure to watch it through the credits which are like the opening credits for Star Trek.
Annie, an eleven-year-old imaginative loner, is obsessed with outer space. Often the target for jokes from other girls, things change when she finds herself a "spaceship" and attracts their curiosity and interest.
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