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What to know: Mariaelena is seven and lives on a farm.
Recommended age 8-12
30 minutes
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Mixed responses. Most really enjoyed it though some found it too slow and lacking in storyline. "I liked seeing the farm and listening to the music." "It's good cause kids get to see how these kids go to school for only a half a day." "The first kids got up and went to school right away in the morning and then a different group of kids was there in the afternoon. The boys in the second part lived in town." "Marialena and Jorge were a little older than I am and lived in a different country but were a lot like me because they went to school and played sports and had to do chores and stuff." "Everyone was nice to each other in their families. They played together." "It showed where the kids were going and what they were doing - like you were going with them." "You saw their country." "I thought about their half day of school and how they play sports like I do but in a different country." "I liked it pretty much."
Love this series. Kids get to see how other children lead their lives in another country. The way that we are led to understand a country through the eyes of a child is really a great way to enhance cultural understanding. Parents and teachers provide excellent role models for the children. The content helps a child understand what life is like in another country. The very straightforward approach works well.
Mariaelena is seven and lives on a farm. Watch how coffee is roasted and macadamia nuts are shelled. Jorge, 9, lives in the city of San Marcos. See how his Dad, a doctor, finds a kidney stone using an ultrasound. Share in the Family Day festival.
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