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What to know: Quite the play on communication between parents and teachers.
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Recommended age 8-12
9 minutes
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Quite the play on communication between parents and teachers. Nicely produced, good video and audio. Very believable characters. Goofy storyline. Good discussion starter. Who's telling the truth here? The teacher? The kid? What would you do if you encountered parents such as these? Or, wait... was this a dream?
Ms. Appleton is a friendly, highly organized elementary school teacher who is nervous about meeting with the parents of Dante, her most challenging student. Worry turns into real trouble for Appleton when she realizes that Dante's parents see their child through "rose-colored glasses." Both absurd and only too real, this film tickles the funny bone as it tells its cautionary tale about people who believe everything they are told by the one they love.
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