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What to know: A beautifully made film about a subject that deserves our attention.
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Recommended age 12-18
10 minutes
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A beautifully made film about a subject that deserves our attention. Both in the US and Canada, Native children were sent away to residential schools to "cure" them of their native ways. This practice continued in Canada, where this film is from until 1996. Children were not allowed to speak in their native language or practice their traditions in any way. The cinematography, the background music and the story are all very well done. It is narrated in Native language with English sub-titles. Beautiful! Its ending message is haunting: Can you imagine a community without children? Can you imagine children without parents?
Shi-Shi-Etko, a six-year-old Native girl, has only four days before she is taken to residential school. Each day she spends with a family member, who reminds her of the importance of remembering who she is.
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