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What to know: Join Timo and Dina as they explore Earth's rainforests.
Recommended age 8-14
75 minutes
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Enjoyed it. "I liked the animals and plants. We got to see lots of cool places." The maps and animals drew their interest. "They showed very colorful forests and interesting animals." "The sounds let you know what a real rainforest would sound like. That was neat." Kids didn't like the computerized hosts. "Those computer graphics people were annoying." "I would show it to friends who like science." "We enjoyed this and thought it has All-Star qualities. The only thing we didn't like were the animated hosts."
Great video of the rainforest areas. Excellent clips of different topics and regions. Brief but full of information. Nice music, good voice overs. Computer animated hosts were a bit corny. Many other important science concepts are covered as well such as conservation and ecology. Teaches about different plants and animals found in the rainforests. Children learn about the four layers in the rainforest, how animals and plants have adapted to their particular habitats and alerts them to the fact that rainforests are endangered. It illustrates how deforestation is injuring our planet and looks at how groups are attempting to preserve areas of land and water. It also teaches about the medicinal properties of the trees and plants of the rainforests and presents the challenge that people may have to make in order to heal and preserve our planet. Encourages viewers to learn more about the rainforest and think about how we are caring for the earth. Visually appealing. Wonderful cinematography. Offers a huge dose of facts in an interesting format that should hold a child's attention.
Join Timo and Dina as they explore Earth's rainforests. Together they'll discover the science behind the scenery; why jungles are so important and what people are doing to protect and preserve them.
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