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What to know: Olive is depressed due to an absurd series of family tragedies.
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Recommended age 8-18
11 minutes
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Very nicely done. It deals with trying to bring somebody out of a depression and shows how difficult the task can be. However, we learn that by appealing directly to what touches them on a deeper level we can make some improvement. The film is executed in a very heartwarming manner even though it takes on very real situations and brings to light real life events that occur in ourselves and others. Every aspect of filmmaking is explored here and attention is paid to every frame of the film, like a painting. Nothing is left hanging or unresolved and it completely holds your interest throughout. I think children would appreciate the balance between the dark and light aspects of this film. Additionally, the physical comedy that the Lifter Upper performs while trying to cheer up Olive is fun, exciting and cute. The opening sequence that shows how Olive loved going up and was very optimistic until her family and loved ones started to die is very well done. Although it is a bit overly dramatic, it's done in animation and we see no blood or gore. The story structure and production value are flawless and, while it is a somewhat dark story, it has so much color and quirk that it seems to evoke a certain amount of humor. One should be sensitive to their audience before screening this as someone who has recently suffered a loss may not find it quite so entertaining and may be offended.
Olive is depressed due to an absurd series of family tragedies. Jack, a concerned neighbor, calls a Professional Lifter Upper of Spirits to remedy the situation who finds Olive to be his toughest case yet.
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