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What to know: So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade.
Recommended age 0-4
30 minutes
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The children were very engaged, particular the 2-year-olds. They laughed at some parts and repeated words from the video. All the children liked the segments with the animals in it best. The boys in particular liked the animals and the girls liked repeating the words they heard. All enjoyed counting along. It was a bit slow for some of the 2's but the 6 month old enjoyed it a lot until he lost interest at the end. A couple of 5-year-olds watched it but didn't find it interesting enough to stay with it. They went on to other things.
Really loved this DVD. Great music. Loved the piano music. Nice uses of pauses to catch a child's attention. For example, pause then say "leaves fall" and then see them fall. The music is toe-tapping. Pace is great, moves very smoothly and logically from one story to the next. Coloration is pleasant. Some infant DVDs are just blasting full of brilliant colors, this is much more subtle and thus, more enjoyable. There are a couple of instances where the backgrounds blended too well with the characters but that was infrequent. Great use of repetition. Words are restated, then shown again with an image. The producers seem to respect that babies and toddlers need to have their attention caught, then caught again. The pause effect addresses this well. Good use of exercises to encourage memory skills for what was shown. This worked particularly well for slow learning children or a child who takes longer to express himself verbally. The activity guide that comes with it can be printed out and used to reinforce what has been watched. There is also a website to go to for more information about the video and the company. All of our jurors said they would buy this for their own use.
So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade. This new animated series, Baby's First-Word Stories, is created especially for 1 to 3 year-olds, who are beginning to explore the rich world of language. In this baby DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Larry and Dee Dee will first introduce your little one to simple words about being outside, and then build sentences and stories around them. A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! a winner for both children and parents.
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