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What to know: So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade.
Recommended age 1-3
30 minutes
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Very engaging. Easy to play in segments. The 2 and almost 2's stayed focused for the entire show, saying words for objects they knew. As each segment began, one 2-year-old would say, "Ooh! More!" The 10-month-old looked up now and then but was more interested in his toys than the DVD. The 2's enjoyed a second viewing as much as the first. One 22-month-old, who is more verbal than the 25-month-old, said words without prompting - from the beginning he said, "moon, star, night night, book, light, etc." There are really no opportunities for singing, dancing, playing along, but the 2-year-old oohed and smiled when he liked something. When the narrator asked, "Let's see what we can remember..." they didn't respond. When the adult facilitator asked the same thing, they did. They didn't grasp the idea of someone onscreen asking them a question. Some 4 and 5-year-olds also viewed it, found it darling. But, of course, they already knew these words.
Lovely, simple animation and calm tone by the narrator. Flows nicely and has good predictability which children this age love. Offers a way for children to watch and hear things that, if unfamiliar, can become familiar. The video uses words that the children should already be hearing and mixes them with words that may be unfamiliar. This may help their vocabulary grow, particularly if a parent or caregiver watches along and emphasizes the words in other contexts, outside of the video itself. The animal characters are very cute. The colors are bright but not over the top. The use of the music is thoughtful and suitable to the program and audience. This video makes a good supplement to a child's learning development and is repetitive and predictable enough to work and yet not become tedious. Among the very best of DVDs for the 1-3 year old group.
So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade. This new animated series, Baby's First-Word Stories, is created especially for 1 to 3 year-olds, who are beginning to explore the rich world of language. In this baby DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Larry and Dee Dee will first introduce your little one to simple words about nighttime, and then build sentences and stories around them. A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! a winner for both children and parents.
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