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What to know: Two high school friends plan to escape from their home town.
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Recommended age 12-18
20 minutes
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Beautifully shot, very artistic cinematography. Tells a poignant story and seems very real. This college filmmaker has crafted something special. It is slow moving but the pace is in step with the message. From the beginning, you are drawn in. As the story unfolds, there is a slight mystery to it. Well crafted, it begins in the present. The young woman receives a letter telling her to go to Rivdavia for a funeral. Her husband senses that this means trouble but doesn't stop her from attending. We are then transported to a time in the past and the story about a young girl who wishes to leave the city to go south to Rivdavia in search of a better life. She brings a bus ticket to her friend, but her friend (the main character) is dissuaded by her future husband at the last moment. Now it is she who is on the bus, going south, to see her friend. They talk, they spend time together, then she returns to her "normal" life. The actors are lovely, full of expression. In Chinese with sub-titles but it's mostly non-narrative. We are drawn along by the exception images and the background music.
Two high school friends plan to escape from their home town. However, one backs away from the bold decision and watches the other head south to the small town of Rivadavia. Ten years later, she receives an invitation to a funeral in Rivadavia.
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