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What to know: Designed to help preschoolers feel more curious, knowledgeable and confident.
Recommended age 2-5
27 minutes
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Very appealing, especially the drawing sections. "I loved drawing the fish." Offers positive role models that they kids recognize. "The characters are helpful and not interrupting." "I liked learning what color I am." Thought their friends would like this. "Yes, they would like the computer part where you print out the certificate." This was great! We learned about colors and drawing. "I want to know more about colors and how to blend them."
Educational, accurate, suitable for pre-schoolers. The characters are quite positive and speak often about friendship, positive experiences, and beauty. They represent various races, cultures, and genders. This is very respectful of children's thinking skills and uses role playing to get the children to think about the situation. Fours and fives are more attentive than two and threes. Will motive kids to further explore the aspects of each episode. In this one - colors, color wheel and mixing colors.
Designed to help preschoolers feel more curious, knowledgeable and confident. Ribert and his best friend Robert travel through the animated land of WonderWorld. Along the way, the delightful duo answer quizzes, meet performers like Magic Matt and resident artist Cousin Chris, participate in science experiments and discuss real-life dilemmas. Each episode is built around themes derived from the kindergarten curriculum and also addresses social-developmental issues like the first day of school and visiting the doctor. All the while, the series inspires little viewers to love to learn and learn to love in everything they do through playful music, magic, movement and art. Episode 1 is Ribert Wants to Know About Colors, Ribert and the Power Pals learn about primary colors while Robert discovers the importance of always telling the truth. Joan and Jeff sing a fun song about colors, Dara Duck performs a neat color mixing experiment and Cousin Chris draws and paints his pet goldfish Goldie.
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