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What to know: A young girl battles her cancer in a post-operative dream and discovers the fortitude to defeat her disease.
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Recommended age 8-12
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This screenplay is outstanding. The story appeals to both children and adults and is poignant and powerful. The main characters are concisely presented in a very believable manner, including the dream characters who are essential to the plot. The pace is intense, appropriate to the serious subject matter. The grave threat of cancer and the powerful toll that treatment takes on the patient are starkly conveyed and sensitively addressed. There is no humor used, which is appropriate. The descriptive language is rich and beautiful. It will be interesting to see how this is handled by actors. The contrasting settings are compelling. The portrayal of a life and death challenge, addressed in an empowering manner, is central to the social value of the story. Outstanding.
A young girl battles her cancer in a post-operative dream and discovers the fortitude to defeat her disease. Hope really can change the future. Nicole is a 12-year-old cancer patient introduced to us under sedation in a hospital room, awaiting further testing. The compassionate nurse and Nicole's exhausted mother inform us through their realistic and heartfelt dialogue of the gravity of this threat on her life and of the existence of medication-induced dreams. We are next thrown into her dream of running in terror from a horrible beast and the unexpected appearance of "Keemo the Archer" who "was sent" to help her. The action and interplay leave Nicole in a desperate condition comparable to what we envisioned in the hospital room. But, Keemo's bravery and counsel inspire her to summoning courage and strength she did not know she had. The result- both of the dream and in real life - is stunning and very gratifying.
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