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What to know: Promotes health and wellness.
Recommended age 4-12
105 minutes
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Kids liked it. "it taught me that Kung Fu can by anything. When you work hard and reach your goals, you can tell your friends you have done Kung Fu." Fun and motivating, the kids got up and moved around. "I learned that Kung Fu is about more than fighting. It is about discipline, practice and hard work." "Kung Fu can develop your body and mind." "It was fun and had lots of activity." "It taught us the basics stances, punches, blocks and kicks. It was easy to follow." "Ben, the instructor, was friendly and playful." "It made me think about humility, respect, trust, courage and loyalty." "It made me think bout fitness." "Kung Fu is a fun work out."
Very informative. An excellent tool to teach the importance of health and exercise. Most useful broken up into segments for better learning results. Interactive format allows for kids to participate in the movements while watching. Promotes health and wellness. Positive and respectful. It begins with warm up exercises that are easy to follow and then shows a variety of different types of workouts. As with any sport, you need to be careful and train properly. This would best to shown in a group of class situation with an adult present.
An instructional program teaching kids the basics of traditional Kung Fu. Simple follow-along workout featuring cartoon segues with Shing. Training tips for parents, teachers. Features Ben Warner, Nicholas Yang, Cameo by Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming.
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