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What to know: Cale Bryant (Bleu) needed someone to believe in him.
Recommended age 12-18
94 minutes
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It was exciting. The guy in yellow was a jerk. The main character's friends were nice to each other. It was all the motocross stuff I knew. My favorite parts were watching him build the dirt bike and winning. I didn't expect that chain to break. I like to have fun with the motocross racers, and I like to ride their bikes. The images were awesome - especially the jumps. The music was loud sometimes.
Winning the Amateur National Motocross Championship is Cale's (Corbin Bleu) ticket out of town where he can have the opportunity to make something of himself. The reality of making this dream come true is tenuous at best as Cale has to deal with the curves life throws at him. Filled with twists and turns, the plot isn't as straightforward or predictable as you might think. While you learn about motocross, the dangers and the thrills and the business itself, this film also deals with family relationships and dating relationships. Along with the message of clinging to dreams, there is also a strong message that sometimes the best way to make something of yourself is by dealing with the situations at hand in the place where you currently live. "Free Style" provides positive role models for interpersonal relationships and offers a positive and hopeful view of the future. It demonstrates the application of knowledge as it engages and entertains adults and children.
Cale Bryant (Bleu) needed someone to believe in him. Ever since he was young, he's wanted to race motocross professionally; but after a string of bad luck hits his family hard, the would-be champion is forced to put his dreams on hold. All that changes when he meets Alex (Sandra Echeverr´┐Ża, star of Telemundo's "Marina"), a beautiful girl who gives Cale encouragement, support and an old bike so that he can get back in the game again. Now, with Alex by his side, Cale takes on the challenge of his life: to beat the odds and cross the finish line a winner. Free Style also stars Penelope Ann Miller (Kindergarten Cop) and Madison Pettis (The Game Plan), and features music from star Corbin Bleu and The Jonas Brothers!
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