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What to know: Baseball magic didn't end when "The Field of Dreams" wrapped.
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Recommended age 12-18
50 minutes
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This DVD was surprisingly good. I liked how they did a documentation on a team that is really cool, but most people don't know about them. The camera work looked old, but it seemed to suit film. The team leader looked wealthy and that wasn't so great. You want to just think of them as players trying to make life better for people. The other players seemed to fit the part better. What they did was pretty awesome - how they affected people's lives. They swore and drank, but I guess that's in a lot of films. My favorite part was how they entertained people, and how I learned about the team. I think my friends might be interested in the general concept of this DVD. It would especially appeal to my friends who love baseball.
The Ghost Players put on comedy routines during baseball games, similar to the Harlem Globetrotters in basketball, and held clinics where children could learn about playing baseball. They traveled around the world holding what was called "The greatest show on dirt" in countries such as Japan and at numerous military bases. The Ghost Players held fundraisers for charities and shared with others the love of the sport. The film has some mild swearing, and the players drink alcohol, which might offend some viewers, but the message is overwhelmingly positive. Baseball lovers will most likely appreciate how a passion for the sport helped the Ghost Players affect the lives of thousands of people through baseball. "Ghost Player" broadens a child's global perspective while teaching subjects how to accomplish a specific task.
Baseball magic didn't end when "The Field of Dreams" wrapped. This documentary-style film tells how players from the film spent over a decade walking out of the corn and entertaining families around the world through baseball.
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