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What to know: Two brothers, Mugo and Tugo, go on Safari to discover the magic of Africa, from animals to culture and their roots.
Recommended age 4-10
25 minutes
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The children love the musical exploration of some of Africa's safari animals. It really makes kids want to know more. Children are engaged and full of questions/comments throughout, "Can I pet a flamingo," "Tortoises are good animals," "My favorite animal is the snake." They like the African children singing the ABC song about the animals, learning that there are at least as many animals as there are letters in the alphabet. Some try to guess which animal will be chosen for each letter in the song. "Beautiful, I like how the giraffe stands when he is drinking water." "The brothers were excited and followed the rules of the safari - be good to each other." "I really liked the question and answer part." "It taught me about animals I didn't know - I never saw a water buffalo before," "It told me some names of animals I didn't know, but didn't show a picture of them, so I want to look them up." "Press the PLAY button again!"
Follows two little brothers on a safari trip, learning about the animals they encounter. There are two short quizzes to help children remember what they learned. The next best thing to going on a real safari. Great for building excitement prior to a visit to the zoo. Educational as well as entertaining. Kids will enjoy the ABC song, sung by African children. Promotes a positive view of Africa and their animals. Enjoyed the use of nicknames for animals to engage the kids - "Here comes Mr. Temper." Pop-ups appear on screen with "fun facts" so kids can put information together with the animal they are viewing on-screen. African music enhanced the theme. Some adults appreciated the border that sometimes appeared on the screen, saying it helps to draw attention of pre-schoolers, other found it detracted from the film. A good media tool to introduce young children to the conservation and appreciation of wildlife. After viewing with children, one juror said, "Yeah, this is definitely a keeper."
Two brothers, Mugo and Tugo, go on Safari to discover the magic of Africa, from animals to culture and their roots. They discover more than they expected.
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