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What to know: One of the cutest love stories for this age that we've seen.
Recommended age 8-12
9 minutes
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One of the cutest love stories for this age that we've seen. Very unique. It's easy to fall in love with these characters - the average boy who still believes in magic and superheroes, his 2 best friends who like him just the way he is and the girl he has a crush on who barely notices him. In the end, he notices the girl he's been friends with all along is the one who believes in magic. These kids are so cute and real with each other. The main character's talent for sewing stuffed animals, which he believes come to life with special magic, offers a unique twist. It shows kids that it's cool to not be so cool. The way the boy turns into a sort of mundane Edward Scissorhands when he creates his unique animals from scraps of materials in his shop is enchanting. It's admirable how the young friend is brave enough to express her feelings directly to the boy. This is a coming of age story that will satisfy anyone's interest in first love.
A young boy builds magical toy creatures for the girl of his dreams; but when they fail to spring to life on cue, he must rethink who is dream girl actually is.
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