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What to know: Learn all about safety with your favorite preschool television characters.
Recommended age 2-5
76 minutes
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This DVD taught different ways to be safe. I should only walk across the street if a grown-up is there so I can hold their hand. I loved how in Kipper, he let pig use his roller skates. Pig wasn't very good at it. After a while she gets better because they shared the skates and she practiced. I'm not sure if my friends would like this, but it would teach them stuff like you always need to wear a helmet when you are biking, and you need knee pads when you are skating so you don't get scraped up.
Some adult viewers were a bit dismayed to see Barney testing bath water with his hand instead of his elbow, which is much safer. However, most of the information on the DVD is very accurate and can be used at home and in school to teach children about safety habits and the reasons behind safety actions.
Learn all about safety with your favorite preschool television characters. Barney, Thomas, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Kipper teach children about many different areas of safety. During the Barney episode, children get to hear what a smoke detector sounds like, and they learn what it's for. Fire safety is the name of the game as children learn to "stay low and go" when the air is heavy with smoke. Barney and his friends demonstrate what they mean so children know what to do in an emergency situation. During the episodes themselves as well as in the segments in between with Sprout's Sean and Chica, children learn about actions they can take to make their own lives, and the lives of people they love, safer. They learn about buckling their seat belts, wearing sunblock, and crossing the road safely. In Thomas and Friends, children learn how impatience and not listening to directions can turn a situation into a dangerous one. In Bob the builder, children learn that taking ones' time often has safer results then rushing through project. In Fireman Sam, kids learn about water safety and rescue, and in Kipper, they learn about outdoor recreational safety.
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