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What to know: Learn some basic music concepts and explore some instruments with Barney and the gang.
Recommended age 2-5
54 minutes
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I loved it. I love all the stories, and I love music. My friends like music, too. This shows how to make instruments like put rocks in a box and shake it. I'm kind of like Rusty. He blew his horn and everyone thought it wasn't good. Sometimes people don't like to hear me, either. I really loved when the gray dog gets stuck and he uses the can he is trying to catch a bug with for a drum to get someone to hear him. I learned some new ways to make instruments and I learned that there are pianos that play music by themselves if they have the right things in them.
If your child is more into building, join Bob the Builder and the building crew as they work together to get an Italian restaurant fixed up and Roley makes a song. In Thomas the Tank Engine, Rusty gets lost, but thanks to his two-toned whistle, the band finds him and they can play music together. How can a dog be musical? Ask Kipper. In this adorable episode, Arnold the pig brings a drum to their picnic, and it's driving everyone bonkers. They try to distract the little pig to no avail. Then he learns to make music with nature. Watch your child's imagination come alive and help them learn about music.
Learn some basic music concepts and explore some instruments with Barney and the gang. In addition to singing and dancing, kids can learn about pianos in all sorts of sizes and shapes from accordions to playground models. They even get to see how a player piano works.
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