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What to know: A mall rat on a dreaded class trip is swept away into a magical primeval forest.
Recommended age 8-12
30 minutes
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I learned about the "Cradle of Forestry" where students are taught about taking care of our nation's forests. I think this is important because I see our forests disappearing and want others to love them and plant more. This film gives good demonstrations of the importance of nature and how we shouldn't ignore it. The story make me want to go to the Pisgah Forest and see what the students do there. "The changes in the music developed the chase and magical scenes." "The drums made me anxious about the smoke." "I disliked the way the story moves along. I really liked the story idea, but the production didn't support it well. There was a little too much running away from black smoke." "I want to make my own garden with pansies and sunflowers!"
This fable is an interesting way to introduce children to the idea of forest conservation. I enjoyed the references to the "magic" of nature and the ongoing theme of protecting the forests. The historic segments about George Vanderbilt and the "birthplace of forestry: were interesting and educational. A thought provoking story of a young girl who realizes her part in caring for the environment. The main character, Caty, is at first reluctant to learn more about nature, but as the story unfolds she becomes caught up in a mystical struggle that her own apathy is a part of. With the help of magic characters in the woods, she gains a new understanding of Nature and her obligation to nurture it. Rather than being judgmental of Caty's indifference, it instructs us as to the benefits of being more involved. As the main character is faced with the repercussions of her past actions and chooses a new direction in thinking, viewers are also challenged to take a closer look at how they view their part in caring for the planet.
A mall rat on a dreaded class trip is swept away into a magical primeval forest. Helped by historical figures, she must escape from a deformed forest, a rampaging, roaring fire and an evil tree.
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