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Recommended age 7-12
9 minutes
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A cute short about a boy and his grandfather. You come to appreciate and care about the characters and feel that their relationship is genuine. In the end, a child might come to understand that it is wrong to take what is not rightfully yours or portray yourself to be something you are not. Excellent production, interesting setting, good characters and acting, good audio quality. The boy is cute; grandpa is very believable. They use subtitles for grandpa as he talks to the boy in Hindi. The boy speaks English. From the opening scene you are drawn in. You see the young boy painstakingly , but distractedly, attempting to sing to his grandfather's liking.
Ankur is a seven-year-old boy who must spend the day with his musician grandfather Guruji who plays music in the park. The mischievous Ankur decides to beg for money behind Guruji's back. Will he learn a life lesson about greed?
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