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What to know: The story of a young boy in Mississippi and his special relationship with his dog, Skip.
Recommended age 5-12
95 minutes
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Do you like dogs? My Dog Skip is an adaptation of the book My Dog Skip by Willie Morris. It is about a shy boy named Willie, who is bullied by a few boys in his neighborhood. However, on his 9th birthday, his mother gives him a dog, Skip, who helps him face the challenges of adolescence. Although he and his dog go on many adventures together, his dog runs away from him one day after a fight. Will they reunite with each other? I enjoyed watching Willie and his dog have fun and grow older together. The movie depicts the true meaning of friendship and emphasizes the adage that "a dog is a man's best friend." I recommend this movie to children 7 and up. Anyone can enjoy the movie because the storyline is easy to follow, but there are a few disturbing and sad scenes that may scare younger children. My Dog Skip is a heartwarming movie that may make you shed a tear. Watch My Dog Skip all month on HDNet Movies at kidScene! Credit: Gabriella Chu, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
Full of coming-of-age themes with plenty for kids to talk about: love, loss, creativity, and growing up. Good representation of the forties. Brings up civil rights issues. Touched on several issues: What is a hero? What is cowardice? Is it shameful to be afraid to kill someone in a war? The telling from a child's perspective made the film feel more "authentic." Deals with difficult issues such as segregation, war, cowardice, bullying and fear. It does not shrink from difficult topics, but handles them with a delicate hand that a child can understand and appreciate. A lovely nostalgia piece designed to ring tears from anyone who has every owned a dog. The relationship between Willie and his Jack Russell Terrier, Skip, is touching, funny, real and entertaining. A family film that evokes historical context and teaches strong values of family, friendship and pet ownership. The humor and antics of Skip help children to relate to this story of another time and see that there are similarities in today's world.
The story of a young boy in Mississippi and his special relationship with his dog, Skip. Based on the best-selling autobiography by Willie Morris.
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