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What to know: A dreaming story happens during the earthquake of WenChuan.
Recommended age 12-18
94 minutes
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Some kids were interested in learning a new language. They didn't care for having to read subtitles, but most of them seem to understand the underlying idea of the story even if they did have trouble following the dialogue. Kids like the girl in the boat, and the end when the kids go to Shutter Island. "It was interesting, but hard to follow." "I learned life should be cherished."
The story focuses on Zheng Tao, a boy who lives with his grandparents after losing his parents and friends in an earthquake. He dreams of a girl in a Moon Boat who, although just a dream, teaches him some important life lessons: loved ones live in your heart, cherish life, and be happy. A bit difficult to follow and subtitles move a little too fast. Appealing imagery and a chance to learn about a different culture. A story of resilience and courage - thought provoking.
A dreaming story happens during the earthquake of WenChuan. A police sacrifices himself in order to save the life of a criminal. As a repay, the criminal accompanies the son of the police for five days, at the expense of five years of life as the embodiment of the daughter of the moon, during which there were a lot of miraculous stories. Subtitled.
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