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What to know: Bright and colorful with wonderful animation and good moral messages.
Recommended age 5-12
41 minutes
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Many of the kids find it funny. Some of them were confused about how the "evil scheme," where Leelu's mom tries to take over and make everyone love her, fit into the main storyline. They also didn't understand why the characters did not have arms. Though the characters were often mean, children admitted that they had experienced much worst at their own schools. "I like how the voices matched the characters, like the evil ones sounding more mean." It got the kids talking about how less popular kids have feelings, that you shouldn't act like others and to just be yourself. They like the part where Mitsy says to her best friend Hermie, "You've taught me that you accept me the way I am." They agree that this is how friends should behave. Kids like the ending at Mitsy's birthday party, when Hermie goes to Leelu's and puts itching powder on her dress, and how Hermie and Mitsy save the day. They seem to learn from the positive messages and one group talked for almost 30 minutes after the film about being popular, being yourself, not being cruel to other kids and about friendship! Many of the kids felt this would be a good film to watch at school.
I like that in this film real friendship wins out in the end. It wasn't obvious to me that the characters were supposed to be bug-like, they were kind of alien in nature. Mitsy becomes unpopular when the most popular girl shows up at their school and doesn't like her. There are put-downs in the film, especially from Leelu Belle (the popular girl) that seemed a bit cruel, but they are used to make a point in the story and most kids will unfortunately relate to this poor behavior from their own life experiences. The film could start a meaningful discussion about what true friendship is and how to deal with bad behavior and bullying. Also, the importance of being popular, as opposed to having real friends. The story is bright and colorful and the animation is very professional. It would be most useful as an educational, or conversation spring board, then solely for entertainment. A nice, fairly gentle lesson in being true to yourself.
When Mitsy is humiliated by the popular new girl at school, her life is nearly ruined. But when her only remaining friend discovers a diabolical plot hatched by the new girl's mother, she learns that "fitting in" is not the same as true friendship.
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