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What to know: While playing a seemingly simple board game, two young boys and their house are magically transported through space.
Recommended age 5-13
113 minutes
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Ready to go on an outer space adventure? Well then, prepare for an unexpected lift off! Directed by Jon Favreau in 2005, who also directed the two Iron Man films. This film stars Kristen Stewart (Twilight) as Lisa, Josh Hutcherson (Journey 2 and Hunger Games) as Walter, Jonah Bobo (30 Rock) as Danny and Dax Shepard (Parenthood and Punk'd) as the astronaut. This film is about two brothers, Walter and Danny, who always are fighting with each other. One day while they were fighting Danny finds this mechanical board game Zathura. Zathura leads the two boys and their sleeping sister, Lisa, and their entire house, into big problems, not to mention outer space. Little do they know that a stranded astronaut will come to their rescue. One of my favorite scenes is near the end of the movie when Walter says to Lisa, "So, still think I have gorgeous eyes?" Without spoiling the movie, I will just say it's a very funny scene between the two siblings. The other scene that is one of my favorites, is when Danny was on a Zorgon ship searching for their board game. He comes across Zorgon goats that have 4 eyes, instead of two. It's pretty funny seeing the extra eyes pop out at you. My favorite character is Lisa because she is clueless and scared when she wakes up from a nap and has no idea where they are or what is going on. She is very funny. The cinematography is well done for the time it shot and it made you feel like you were really in outer space with the characters. The costumes are very basic, modern everyday clothing. I also enjoy how cool the Zorgons looked. Their costumes make them look like giant lizards with sharp teeth. I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed the movie and it was very entertaining. I recommend this film is for ages 5 to 13; because older kids will be bored and little kids may be a little frightened. Look for this movie on HDNet Movies Kids Scene this month. And remember, "Please don't push the game button ever again!" . . . . Julianna Noone, Age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. Zathura is a great book-to-film adaptation to come out in this past decade. The idea of a board game coming to life has always been a fun idea to bring to life. First done with Jumanji we now have Zathura. Zathura successfully ponders many tensions in our daily lives, such as sibling rivalry. The two brothers in this film are very dysfunctional and are both full of pure hatred for one another. Don't worry, there is a fantastically satisfying ending. The divorce of the parents had destroyed the relationship between the two. The little brother is always living in his brother's shadow. Desperately trying to get his father to be proud of him. Zathura offers a engaging story with a great balance of everything. The special effects are extremely believable and the sets and props are outstanding. They definitely look alien for sure. The film offers some brilliant photography and dazzling lighting. Suspense is abundant in this film, so I don't recommend the movie for younger kids. Many life and death situations happen in this film, this can be scary at times. This was a first for a couple stars that today, are now some of the biggest names on the silver screen. Being one of Kristen Stewart and Josh Hutcherson's first movies. It never fails to deliver excitement. I'd give this movie a 4.5 out of 5. Check this movie out on HDNet movies soon! Blake Hawes, age 15, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
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While playing a seemingly simple board game, two young boys and their house are magically transported through space.
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