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What to know: Muriel Anderson, is a force of nature and a brilliant guitarist and this CD is an exceptional package from the get go with its lovely, interactive fiber optic cover to an incredible collection of songs.
Recommended age 2-8
109 minutes
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I liked this CD set because it has both day and night songs. It has really cool bonus features too like light up stars on the cover and removable guitar pics. The Nightlight CD is my favorite because it would be good to listen to at night if you can't fall asleep. I liked the Daylight CD too but would have liked faster melodies and more lyrics. I would recommend this for ages 2 to 7 because older kids may get bored. There are few lyrics. It is mostly instrumental. The packaging is really cool. When you push down on the cover, the stars light up.
Nightlight Daylight is an exceptional package from first look and apparently you can tell a book, uh, CD by its cover. Its lovely, interactive fiber optic cover is off the charts - push the moon and the stars and fireflies light up. Impressive! It just gets better. After I finished pushing the moon for about half an hour I delved into the treasures within: an ambitious 30-song two-CD set. Hence the title. The artist, Muriel Anderson, is a force of nature and a brilliant guitarist. The first CD, Nightlight, is perfect for winding down and drifting into dreamland with soft and soothing guitars and vocals with support from some major talent. The Daylight CD, although equally talented, is more suited for an adult audience. The music is absolutely stunning and so well played. Primarily acoustic guitar supported occasionally with other unobtrusive instruments. Half the album (lullaby) is directed to children while the second disc is more suitable for adults which is not necessarily a bad thing. I recommend this to anyone - there is so much to like - great for lullabies and meditation. Very soothing. This double album flows along seamlessly from night to day. The classical-based guitar work is exemplary. However this is not totally a children's album. The quality is amazing across the board. It will retain a youth audience on the first CD but not on the second. I cannot express how much the performances and production quality resonates. I look forward to Muriel Anderson's next release! Reviewed by John Wood.
The first interactive lighted cover art. Two CD set of 30 tunes for anyone who wants beautiful music to drift to sleep and optimistic music to awaken. A calming yet intellectually stimulating experience for children, with world class musicians and Nashville Symphony's live string orchestra.
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