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This movie is a pretty good movie. It's really geared for kids younger than me but, for them, it is a very good movie. It shows all about how a normal, American style breakfast is made. It talks about the ingredients needed to make blueberry pancakes and tells you where blueberries come from, how they are cleaned and how they are transported. They do the same with oranges. It also describes how oranges become orange juice. They describe where milk comes from and how they make sure it doesn't contain any diseases. There's more that that but you will just have to watch the movie to learn more.

I recommend this movie for ages 3 to 7 because it is educational and well done. It is very informative and I think younger kids will really think it's cool because they probably don't know where the food they eat comes from anyway.

The Big Breakfast is an educational film showing young children where their breakfast comes from starting at a dairy farm where milk comes from. It shows all the steps from farm to store and is a great introduction for young children to learn about farming and agriculture. It is interesting and a great educational resource for parents and teachers of young children. It shows real people in their real roles and also teaches children to be thankful for their food and all the people who make it possible for them to have food.

It is very age appropriate in terms of the topic, presentation and vocabulary. It flows well, starting by showing what breakfast in different parts of the world looks like and then focusing on a "big" breakfast of blueberry pancakes and fruit.<[>Farmers are shown in a positive light with emphasis on the amount of work that goes into planting and harvesting. The characters in the film are kind and respectful towards one another and to the animals on their farms.

This short film could really stimulate a lot of questions and interactions from the youth viewers who learn not only where does milk come from but how orange juice is made. There is a great multiple choice quiz at the end of the film that is useful for either a single viewer or a group.

This film is well produced with realistic looking sets and locations. It shows real people in real, every day attire who are not simply actors playing a role.

This would make a lovely resource for teachers of young children or a home library for a thoughtful parent. We recommend it!

The BIG Breakfast a look at how our food gets to the table! LEARN how wheat is harvested and how it's into flour! And see giant combines in action! TRAVEL from Hawaii's pineapple fields to the cold maple forests of Quebec. And watch a crop duster fly a few feet off the ground! SEE all the ingredients of a blueberry pancake breakfast come together, and meet all the people who make it happen.
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