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Recommended age 2-5
67 minutes
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Mumfie's Quest - The Movie is an adventurous, funny and exciting animated film for preschoolers. The Animation Director (John Collins) does a great job of making the characters look so realistic.

This film is about a young elephant named Mumfie who lives all by himself. One day he decides he wants to go on an adventure. He makes a lot of friends on the way such as Scarecrow, Whale, and Pinky the flying pig, who is lost from his mother. Mumfie, Scarecrow and Whale decide to take Pinky back to her mysterious island home, but the Queen's evil secretary has taken over the island. They have to work together to defeat him and bring back the Queen of Night.

I really enjoyed this movie! It is very adventurous and suspenseful. It captured my attention the whole time and the suspenseful parts kept me wondering if Mumfie and his friends were going to get caught by the evil secretary. This movie is also very funny. There are lots of jokes throughout the whole film. Britt Allcroft does a great job writing amusing scripts and creating interesting characters. The music, by Larry Grossman, is also great! Some of the music is dark and scary during evil parts and then bright and upbeat during the happy parts in the film. My favorite character in this film is Whale because he is built like a ship. On the inside he has hammocks for beds, chairs, tables and food. It is so cool that he looks like a whale on the outside and a cruise ship on the inside!

The message in this movie is that friends will always help you if you ever get into trouble and need them. In the end, Mumfie realizes that friends and teamwork are more important than anything else. His friends help him a lot throughout the film and when they are in trouble Mumfie helps them too! In the end they have to learn to work together to stop the secretary.

I give Mumfie's Quest - The Movie 4 out of 5 stars because it is adventurous, exciting, and funny. I recommend it for kids ages 2 through 6 especially those who like animals, adventures, and pirates.

Reviewed by: Jeremy B. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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From Britt Allcroft, creator of Thomas & Friends, comes Mumfie's Quest. Discover how Mumfie the special elephant first meets his friends Scarecrow, Pinkey, Whale and many more. Share the excitement as they hunt for Pinkey's mother on a mysterious island taken over by the evil Secretary to the Queen of Night at last returning home with a treasure beyond price. Magic, mystery, songs and laughter.
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