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What to know: An interesting film that has wonderful animation and a great message for our youth.
Recommended age 2-8
80 minutes
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The Hero of Color City is an interesting film that has wonderful animation and a great message for our youth.

The movie is about a little boy who enjoys coloring and drawing pictures. He has crayons that come to life every night once he falls asleep. When the crayons come to life they travel to a town known as Color City. Trouble begins when one of the crayons, Yellow, is left behind and wakes up two unfinished drawings, King Scroll and Gnat, who both follow yellow to Color City. The unfinished drawings are mad at Yellow for not coloring them and they try to destroy Color City. It's up to yellow and her friends to save Color City.

The message of this film is to believe in your self; throughout the film, yellow is fearful and lacks courage. Throughout the adventure, Yellow learns a lot about her self which helps the others at Color City as well.

My favorite character is Blue. I like him because he is always very positive and optimistic. My favorite scene is when you are able to see the entire town of Color City. The city is bright and colorful.

The voice actors Elizabeth Daily, Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez and Wayne Brady are wonderful at showing their expressions and bringing the crayons to life.

Hero of Color City is a perfect movie for Kids ages 2-8. I give this film 3 out of 5 golden stars! The Hero of Color City will be in theaters October 3, 2014. You do not want to miss this spectacular movie!

A diverse band of crayons strive to protect not only their magical multihued homeland but the imagination of children everywhere from a terrifying monster. Starring Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci and Rosie Perez.
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