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Recommended age 4-14
93 minutes
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This film is based around a group of naughty children who get transported to the North Pole for Santa's Boot Camp. The need for these naughty children arises when Santa's elves believe they are not getting credit for their hard work and go on strike. The actors are diverse and very talented. The quality of the film is impressive-with many scenery changes, smooth transitions from scene to scene and lots of fun and unique music. The characters face many challenges both socially and personally. There are beautiful and colorful costumes and festive sets. The overall message of the film is that every person has naughty and nice qualities and through realizing and working on them, every person deserves a jolly holiday. The characters also find fulfillment in giving to others as opposed to receiving. 4 out of 5 stars! I would recommend this film to families with children ages 8-13.
When kids and teens become so self-centered and bratty, Santa's elves go on strike, putting Santa in such a vulnerable position that he must bring in 6 teenagers to save Christmas. Imagine the Breakfast Club goes to Willy Wonka's Factory at Christmas time.
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