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FORCE-FULL IMAGINATION is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-18
4 minutes
Video and DVD
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Force-Full Imagination is about a girl playing with her Star Wars action figures at home. During a lunch break her sneaky brother drops one of her action figures off the balcony and it is up to her to save him, without leaving the balcony. I love this short because they decided to use a little girl instead of a boy, showing girls also enjoy Star Wars and action figures. The little girl is super cool and had a great imagination. I think this film is perfect for a children's film festival! Reviewed by Addie.
Michelle, an imaginative seven-year old, lies entangled in the schemes of her little brother while trying to save her toys and obey her mom! Screened at 2016 Fam Film Awards, Magic City Comic Con Super Geek Film Fest, 2015 Int'l Family Film Fest, 2015 Rhode Island Comic Con Film Fest, 2015 Adelaide Kids Film Fest, 2015 GeekFest Film Fest, 2015 San Diego Kids Int'l Film Fest, 2015 The From Beyond Online Film Fest, 2015 Fan Film Follies, 2015 Official Lucadfilm Star Wars Fan Film Awards.
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