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What to know: Bravery begins in the strangest ways sometimes.
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Recommended age 8-14
6 minutes
Video and DVD
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Dare is a short film about a group of kids playing the game truth or dare. The main character is dared to go into a closet with a beautiful girl for three minutes. The kids taunt him about accepting the challenge. While they are in the closet they say only a few words to each other. While there, they mostly look nervously at one another and stand as far apart as possible. The kids in the room ask him if he's kissed her yet. He reveals how much he dislikes the other boy. The girl gives him some advice. This short student film gives a little insight into the minds of these pre-teens and we see how the boy, after surviving his three minute ordeal emerges a little more secure in himself.
A group of kids are playing truth or dare. Tom, a brave soul, chooses dare, but to his dismay is faced with a true test that will challenge not only his confidence and bravery, but one that will teach him about life as well. Featured in the Bangalore International Short Film Festival 2015
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