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What to know: Well made, great visuals, delightful host and a catchy title.
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Recommended age 5-12
6 minutes
Video and DVD
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Well made, great visuals, delightful host and a catchy title. I can't vouch for the content of the information but, presuming that it is well researched, it certainly makes some stunningly revealing statements. I recommend this for anyone programming for an environmental film festival or, a for youth and family programming at any festival. It is definitely entertaining and holds your attention. It's well produced, very colorful and, did I already say - a great host. This young guy looks like he's around 9 years of age and he has a great online presence. The only thing I would change about it is the background music which just doesn't measure up to the rest of the film.
Who says CO2 pollution can't be funny? In this delightful short, an 8-year-old climate scientist and the Green Ninja take on a fleet of pooping cars to save the world.
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