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What to know: Coming of age story dealing with bullying and honesty.
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Recommended age 7-12
29 minutes
Video and DVD
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This is a lovely coming of age film that deals with bullies, uncertainty and keeping secrets. It is well produced with lovely cinematography and background music, charming and believable acting. Highly recommended for ages 8 - 12.
The Gift is a coming of age adventure story, set in Hong Kong. Bobby Parker is a 12-year-old boy who was given a gift by his father the day he was born. He carries this brightly wrapped package everywhere that he goes. One day, Mr. Parker, the best father a boy could have, presents Bobby with the announcement of a move and a new better, school. Bobby is apprehensive. Dad kisses his forehead and assures him everything will be alright. But Bobby finds out differently on his first day at school. Instead of welcoming Bobby as the new kid, Sammy and his gang of boys tease and harass him for carrying a gift, for being different. Bobby is desperate to have friends and is shocked when Sammy delivers this ultimatum: choose us or choose your gift. Dad has been curiously absent, so Bobby, down and distraught, finally caves and smashes his gift in exchange for friendship. He learns all to quickly that he has made the wrong choice when he and the gang find themselves at the forbidden Jump Rock. When Bobby get seriously injured and cries out for help, Sammy and the gang save themselves and leave Bobby in peril. He is miraculously saved, and given a second chance. The reason for his father's absence is revealed and Bobby now clearly sees the errors of his ways. He learns to be grateful for what he has, and to value the people in his life.
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