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What to know: Sensitive and heart warming story that redefiines homelessness.
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Recommended age 8-18
15 minutes
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Play Date is a story of a homeless woman and a little girl who cross paths. The woman is shown roaming the streets hungry and alone. We see the little girl desperately reaching out to her busy and sports fan dad for affection. After the homeless woman's possessions are mysteriously stolen she takes shelter in the girl's playhouse. When the girl discovers the woman she decides to bathe her, play pretend with her and bake with her. She doesn't tell her parents about the woman. Of course, soon her parents figure out there is a stranger in their house and immediately call the police. As the mother is throwing away the woman's clothes, she discovers a pastry book the homeless woman wrote when she was a famous pastry chef. When the cops arrive the family tells them it's taken care of and they drive the woman to a shelter.

This film is sensitive and heart warming. It reminds me of Pay It Forward. It has a positive message for children to be kind and non-judgmental towards people who are less fortunate. There is perhaps an issue with the girl taking in a stranger without telling her parents that some might find disturbing. But, the kindness factor overshadows that for me. I was sad they didn't hire the woman as their personal chef, but taking her to a shelter was also a realistic and positive reaction. This is a great short film for any family festival. Recommend for ages 8 to 18 as well as adults and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

When a little girl discovers a homeless woman in her backyard she invites her inside for a play date, which goes unnoticed by her distracted parents. 'Play Date' invites us to take a deeper look at ourselves and explores what being 'homeless' really means.
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