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What to know: Interesting pilot for an educational TV series set in the Caribbean.
Recommended age 5-8
22 minutes
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The theme is a good one and the main characters are likable and also unique. There are positive messages such as "believe in yourself" and "keep practicing" so it scores high in social/emotional value. The beginning two pages did not flow with the present day and the online trailer and the beginning took away somewhat from the complete script. I give this one 3 out of 5 stars and it does meet the KIDS FIRST! criteria. I feel that a few changes would give it a higher rating.

It is a bit confusing. I realize that it is a beginning to a series but I felt the beginning could have been not included. It is only two pages and then it jumps to present day. I also watched the online trailer which would be the opening to the series and the beginning does not match up with the trailer. I felt that the twins' language and the way they speak is beyond that of a typical five-year-old. Yes, I realized right away that they are supposed to be very bright for five and a quarter-year's old but, they seemed more like age 7 or 8. The adventure part and educational aspect is interesting so I do give it points for that but I'm uncertain of the entertainment value.

The underlying idea is good and I think that learning about new things through Bim and Bam's adventures is a fun concept. Unfortunately, it seemed to lack entertainment value and I'm not sure it would grab the attention of a young person. The first show in a series really needs to catch and audience and the twin's adventure needs more excitement. The dialogue is more advanced and could be tough for the target audience to grasp.

Bim and Bam is an animated adventure series for children, set in the Caribbean. Twin siblings Bim and Bam have free reign when it comes to adventure - and there are a million things to get your imagination working overtime when exploring an idyllic Caribbean island! The naturally curious 5-and-a-quarter-year-old twins (Bim is the girl; Bam, the boy) are on their first trip to their parent's birthplace - the Caribbean. Who would have guessed that tiny islands could be so chock-full of big fun beyond just sea, sun or sand? The potent pair relies on instinct, curiosity and teamwork to figure things out as they explore the amazing world around them. Thankfully, a combination of their bright ideas, some superhero tools and a few good friends makes nothing impossible. To Bim and Bam, life is the greatest adventure: they are always expanding their boundaries and mastering new skills with every fun-filled experience.
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