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What to know: The ending makes this film but, that is not to discount it's charm throughout.
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Recommended age 8-18
13 minutes
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The ending makes this film! I can't tell you what it is but, I do promise you it will bring a smile to your face. This short film takes place in rural America in the 1940s. The setting, costumes, and behaviors of the characters are right on target and the pace is so appropriate for this time period. It brings up some interesting issues when the boy spots a rifle in the local store that he eyes as the perfect gift for his birthday. There is a bit of tension between Mom and Boy and it is the elderly shop owner who intervenes and makes peace with everyone. Well shot, good pace, interesting story. I think you'll like it. Highly recommended. Ages: 8-18
To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a young boy selects his gift - little knowing that his choice will change the world.

Director's statement: THE GIFT is a unique short film in that, not only does it have commercial potential, but its huge global resonance means that it has an inordinately large audience. In this regard, the film is a statement as to what's possible in British short film.

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