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What to know: Whos doesn't love a "first love" story? Charming and sweet.
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Recommended age 8-15
6 minutes
Video and DVD
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This is a sweet love story between two school-aged kids whose antagonist is an "evil" teacher. It's well shot, well lit, good audio and nice background music. It would fit well into a youth film festival and evoke questions about when it is okay to challenge authority. For me, I wanted a bit more at the end. I wanted to see these two together as adults, or something. But, it is charming and sweet as it is. Recommended.
Daniel, a ten-year-old student wants to give his valentine card to his girlfriend Sammy, but the evil teacher Ms. Ruth takes it away, treating the kids to tell their parents. Now it is upon to Daniel to get it back for the sake of their love.

Featured at Wellington Film Festival (2016), United International Film Festival (2016, Recognition of Excellence in filmmaking), New Classic Cinema Film Festival (Best Supporting Actress, Linda Weinrib), iHolly: The Next Generation Independent Film Festival (Best Student Film)

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