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What to know: Family friendly movie that's adventurous and just a tad bit thrilling, making you wonder just what happened to the class pet.
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Recommended age 7-18
14 minutes
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The Maltese Guinea Pig is a family friendly movie that everyone will enjoy. It's adventurous and just a tad bit thrilling, making you wonder just what happened to the class pet, Sprinkles. The detective aspect gives the movie a really fun and creative vibe, which makes the movie great for everyone, even parents. This movie taps into the old style of detective movies on occasion. The storyline is about Sam's class's pet that goes missing and he's on the case. Sam runs all over town trying to figure out where Sprinkles went. The self-proclaimed detective is completely puzzled until the last day of class before summer break when he notices something that cracks the case wide open. Children would really enjoy this because of its story line. The detective style telling of the story really makes it fun to watch. The story flows really well. Everything is in chronological order which helps make it easy to follow. The vocabulary and concepts are well suited for the age group. It is really easy and fun to understand and follow along with. The cinematography is well done. I particularly enjoined how it switched between color and black and white. The sound is clear and easy to understand. Very enjoyable. Recommended for ages 7 to 18. Reviewed by Kelsey M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
When the grade 4 class pet goes missing, self-proclaimed sleuth, Samuel Stapleton takes the case, uncovering playground secrets and classroom conspiracies in his search for the beloved guinea pig. From Canada, in English.
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