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What to know: The Legend of Akam is a fantastic film.
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Recommended age 9-18
87 minutes
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The Legend of Akam is a fantastic film that takes the viewer on an unforgettable adventure. Everything about this film is made to perfection. The film is very unique. The cast consists of real life animals with voice-overs interpreting what the animals are saying. This is a treatment that I have never seen. It doesn't use human actors. The actors are animals! The location where the film is shot is breath taking. The film takes place in the Amazon. The viewer truly feels as if they are with the animals. There are very cool animals and they are quite funny at times. The different camera shots constantly pan the environment and capture the natural beauty of the area. The only down side is that it starts off slow in the beginning. Eventually, as the character develop, the story becomes increasingly more interesting. You should be aware that the voice-over is in French with English sub-titles. Slow readers might have a difficult time keeping up with the written words. In a film festival situation, I would have a reader there to read so that the younger ages can keep up with the story development. The film is made very beautifully. The camera shots are diverse; the sound is spot on; the sound effects and background music are perfect and keep the pace moving forward. The actors' voices are interesting, especially the main character Akam the Valiant. The location in the Amazon is mesmerizing. This film is outstanding in many ways. I think a film festival would be great venue to screen this film. It's fun and interesting for the kids, and not too childish for adults to enjoy. It give us an interesting perspective on nature since we see it through the eyes of an animal. The story does focus on family and love as well. I recommend this film for ages 9 to 18 as well as adults. It is a perfect film for the entire family to enjoy. I give this film 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Talia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
Akam is a caiman. He crosses the Great Kingdom in search of Zoa, a princess he has fallen in love with. In the Invisible Kingdom, the love they share is curtailed by the birth of little-ones. In her eyes he no longer counts, and he wishes to devour them but changes his mind when he learns that they are his own children. He banishes himself to spare Zoa and encounters some creatures who teach him of the existence and the virtues of family, and that everything happens for a reason. The little-ones are surrounded by all their enemies, but just as they are about to be devoured, Akam returns to save them.
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