Coalition for Quality Children's Media

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A. Adult Jurors 

We invite you to join the KIDS FIRST!® national jury of evaluators as a volunteer Adult Juror.

Adult Jurors hold a degree in education, child development, library science, media or a related field, or are concerned parents. Most Adult Jurors facilitate their children's juries as well. Some Adult Jurors without access to children enlist a colleague as an Adult Leader for this purpose. Adult Leaders need not hold a degree. They do need to be able to facilitate a children's jury.

Procedure for Evaluation

1. Titles are submitted to CQCM for evaluation.

2. CQCM contacts Adult Juror to verify his or her availability. Each title is evaluated by five Adult Jurors and five Children's Juries comprising five to thirty children for videotapes and two to five children for interactive media.

3. CQCM ships video tapes, DVDs, or interactive media to the Adult Juror.

4. The Adult Juror screens and evaluates the title prior to screening it with the children.
a. If the title does not meet any of the KIDS FIRST! criteria, the title is not endorsed and is returned to CQCM along with a completed evaluation, filed either online or hard copy returned by fax or mail.
b. If the title does meet the KIDS FIRST! criteria, the Adult Juror completes the Adult Evaluation, either online or in hard copy.
c. Once the Adult completes his or her evaluation,
the title is screened by the Juror's children's jury and one evaluation form is filled out and returned to CQCM, either online or in hard copy.

5. The online forms are available at The mailing address for hard copies is: KIDS FIRST!®, 112 W San Francisco St. Suite 305A, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Adult Juror to mail evaluations or rejected titles to KIDS FIRST!® at his or her own expense. These expenses are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

6. Individual Juror evaluations are received and reviewed by the CQCM jury staff. Any discrepancies in evaluations are subject to further review.

7. Approved titles are added to all CQCM print and online publications and to more than seventy-five national, regional, and local publications as reviews and articles.

B. The Children's Jury

After a title is evaluated and approved by the Adult Juror, the title is screened and evaluated by the Children's Jury. The Children's Jury completes its screening and evaluation under the supervision of the Adult Juror. One evaluation is submitted to CQCM which summarizes the evaluations by all of the children in the group. Please do not send CQCM individual reviews from each child.


Children's Juries for videos, films, TV shows, or DVDs must have no less than five children and no more than thirty children. For interactive media, the Children's Juries may have two to five children.


KIDS FIRST!® seeks Children's Juries across the United States that reflect wide multicultural and socioeconomic diversity in order to broadly and accurately evaluate products. It is important for Children's Juries to include both girls and boys and as diverse a group as possible.


After viewing a title, an Adult Juror may believe the producer's recommended age range is inaccurate and change it to a more suitable range. In that case, the age of the children on the jury should reflect the changed age, not the original age. For example, a juror may decide that title sent them for ages 5-8 is too young for that group. The Adult would then change the age recommendation to the appropriate one, say 8-12 and then screen it with children of the older age. If this is not possible, please contact CQCM's Jury Coordinator for instructions.


All Children's Juror comments are consolidated to one form, tallying the group's scores. Individual children's comments may be written on the back of this form. Thorough explanations and specific descriptions are extremely important. (See Chapter 5: The Evaluation Form, Page 14)

NOTE: If the Children's Jury screenings take place in a school setting, KIDS FIRST!® suggests that the screenings take place during free time or after school. These programs are not designed to meet curriculum guidelines and their evaluation should not reflect their curriculum merits. KIDS FIRST!® evaluates entertainment products that may or may not have specific educational value.

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