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We only have four ratings: Yes, No, Qualified Yes, and All-Star. You must use one of these four ratings in your final assessment. Do not create your own verbage for your rating.

Please apply these guidelines when assigning your rating according to the KIDS FIRST! definition:

A. No: A "no" rating means that the title does not meet the KIDS FIRST! criteria as defined in the previous section. It clearly does one or more of the following:

  • Contains gratuitous sex or violence
  • Has a condescending attitude towards children
  • Contains physical or verbal abuse
  • Contains racial, gender, cultural or religious bias
  • Models unsafe behavior
  • Other unsuitable behavior which you must specifically define.

B. Yes: A "yes" rating means that a title meets or exceeds the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria. It clearly contains:

  • No gratuitous sex or violence
  • No racial, gender, culture or religious bias
  • No unsafe behavior
  • No condescension towards children.
  • No verbal or physical abuse

C. QUALIFIED YES: A "qualified yes" rating Indicates that you are approving it with some qualifications such as the ones listed below or, if not one of these, one that you've explained in detail.

  • Pace inappropriate, too slow/fast
  • Stereotypical behavior prominent
  • Lacks in cultural diversity
  • Appeals to a special audience
  • Other, with a detailed explanation.

D. ALL-STAR: An "All-star" rating means that a title not only meets or exceeds the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria but exhibits additional qualities in terms of its appeal, content, appeal, production values, or offers extra benefits in terms of personal competence, social values, or educational values. For a detailed list of qualities that this may include, please click here to go to our all-star page.



NOTE: CQCM strongly recommends that all jurors photocopy their evaluations should any materials sent to us be lost in transit.

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