All ‘Tangled’ Up in Raves

Tangled_boxart.jpgTangled, Disney’s update of the Rapunzel fairy tale, garnered rave reviews from our KIDS FIRST! film critics (visit for their full reviews, written and video.) Due out on DVD March 29, Tangled earned five out of five stars from Makai Weber Colvin (9 years old), who sums it up, “If you like a classic story, great songs and one BIG adventure, this is the DVD for you. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family!” Raven Devanney (13 years old), recommending it to all ages – “even teens” – says, “The colorful animation is great as well and adds brilliance to a familiar story.” Ny’Asia Bell (8 years old) points out especially that it is “full of lots of action and great special effects.”

Rapunzel, who has been locked away in a tower for years, captures the kingdom’s most-wanted bandit, Flynn Rider, when he tries to hide out in her tower. Seeing an opportunity to escape her tower prison, the beautiful and feisty teen tressed with 70 feet of magical, golden hair strikes a deal with the charming thief, and the unlikely duo set off on an action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse, an overprotective chameleon and a gruff gang of pub thugs. Spiced with humor and heart, the story is only one part of what Raven Devanney liked about the film.

Go On and Get ‘Tangled’!
A review by Raven Devanney

The story we all grew up with is back and better than ever. The lovable tale of Rapunzel is here with an all-new comical and musical twist, and things are about to get Tangled! I really enjoyed this film. The music is excellent and extremely funny. The voice of Mandy Moore as Rapunzel is fantastic. She is really talented. She is totally perfect for Rapunzel’s bubbly voice and character, while empowering viewers to follow their hearts. Plus, she can really sing. Her voice is super clear, and I really loved hearing her beautiful singing.

Zachary Levi, the voice of the kingdom’s most wanted bandit, Flynn Rider, is amazing! Just listening to him talk makes me laugh. He does an excellent job.

The colorful animation is great as well and adds brilliance to a familiar story. I wasn’t sure how I would like this movie, especially because of the fact that it is a musical, but I was so surprised how much I fell in love with it. RavenDevanney.JPGMy favorite character is Maximus, Flynn Rider’s bloodhound of a horse. I like this character because of his hilarious facial expressions and outstanding personality. My absolute favorite scene that sticks with me is the montage right after Rapunzel leaves the tower with Flynn, because she is totally battling with herself.

This movie is most definitely for all ages, even teens. So if you want a good laugh, and awesome animation, then this movie is perfect for you.

So go on and get Tangled!!!

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