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New/Renewing Members

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Animal Wow Entertainment is an award-winning new children’s media company that teaches kids good values and life skills by turning pets into best friends. 75% of all families with children have pets. Even if a child does not have a pet, Animal Wow also helps kids to satisfy their natural curiosity about neighborhood pets safely.The Brainy Baby Co. produces award-winning products, which introduce educational subjects such as letters, shapes, animals, art and music. Brainy Baby® videos feature multi-ethnic children, toe-tapping original music, nursery rhymes and instrumental classics. Their product line now includes over 100 product offerings including videos, CDs, books, games, and toys!Know Knowledge Limited specializes in educational multi-media productions. From Pre-school through to life long learning. ‘123 it’s a fruity abc’ DVD is the first of a number of early learning products to be followed shortly by ‘123 it’s a fruity number tree.’ A group of Creative industry individuals working together to deliver creative thinking for education.”

New/Renewing Members

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

The Baby Prodigy Company

Cleargate Productions brings a fresh perspective and an eclectic group of professionals to the production business. With their they have the capabilities and experience to take projects from conception to completion.

Kaleidoscope Songs

Little Xavier Company
has products are based on the Little Xavier Company © Spanish & English classes, curriculum for preschoolers since 1999.

New/Renewing Members

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Our Happy Child Productions produces high quality, entertaining family-friendly programming for children ages 1-5 years.  It develops and commercializes characters and content for TV, DVDs, CDs and licensing. Our Happy Child Productions is the creator of The Wheels on the Bus series: a collection of multi award-winning educational videos that teach early socialization skills such as sharing, helping, cooperation and good nutrition to young children.Find the Fun Productions. At Find the Fun Productions and American History for Kids they want kids to get it.Therefore, they teach kids about the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, the Magna Carta, slavery, the Civil War and President Lincoln using a unique theatrical and emotional context that employs a wide range of creative teaching modalities such as music, puppetry, humor, and relating history to kids’ everyday lives. They use these techniques because they know that getting students to relate to the distant events of the past is often difficult. And educational research shows that emotional involvement is an integral aspect of learning and that creativity is an essential tool for powerful learning retention.Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. is a multi-faceted media publishing organization. Their goal is to provide lots and lots of media fun for everyone through award-winning DVDs, books, CDs, CD-roms, and broadcast and internet programming that will amaze, amuse, entertain, and educate.Their award-winning AS SEEN ON TV products like LOTS & LOTS of TRAINS and LOTS & LOTS of FIRE TRUCKS provide family fun for ages 3 to 93 and are not readily available in stores! Their goal is to produce quality programs to watch today and remember for a lifetime. Be sure to collect the entire series of Lots and Lots of DVDs, CDs, and Books!Storytellin’ Time is dedicated to providing quality, educational,fun recordings for children and their families. Storytelling is presented to students and at teacher workshops acrossthe United States

New and Renewing KIDS FIRST! Members

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

BoogieBubble Productions, Inc. produces a series of children’s dvd’s, titled “Adventures with Connor & Jaden.” The series is designed to send positive messages to children and show how toddlers interact with each other and leave one another feeling happy and content by instilling strong moral and social values.Cinema Werx is a film & video production company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. They strive to offer top quality products that educate and entertain children.Live Wire Media produces and distributes educational media for character education, youth guidance, and life skills. Our materials are designed to help young people become caring, respectful, responsible people who think critically, solve problems non-violently, and make choices based on knowing and doing what’s right.Phil Bransom Productions has been producing award winning media projects since 1988. From the days of 1″ Quad Tape and Linear Editing to the current technologies of digital video and Non-Linear Editing, Phil has worked with major corporations and non-profits to produce communication tools that get results.Raggs LLC is a children’s entertainment company with TV and touring elements.Razzle Bam Boom Productions writes and produces various children music CDs and edu-tainment DVDs. Their newest series of DVDs (and mobile device content) is entitled “The Word Wits.”

New and Renewing KIDS FIRST! Members

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Little Mammoth Media produces children’s programs that really make a difference.NoteAbilitiesBrandon Hill Productions Story GardenLink Entertainment Group produces “The Tails of Abbygail,” the first in a series.WonderWorld Films is a film and video production company specializing in poetry on video.Tot-a-Doodle-Do! (Children’s Creative Programming Partnership, LLC) is a new children’s educational series. Each episode of Tot-a-Doodle-Do! focuses on a theme and contains six elements not currently found in one 30-minute children’s program. Follow-along with them as they entertain and guide your child to use the skills they need in their everyday life such as proper manners, how to prepare nutritious snacks, use their imagination and get their daily exercise through singing and dancing. Geared to children age 3-7.Soaring Star Productions, LLC is a children’s educational media company that produces the award-winning Pocket Snails(R) series for preschoolers.

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