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Baby First TV Wins Award

BabyFirstTV the only premium network in the United States dedicated to providing rich, positive content for babies and toddlers, is an honored recipient of an iParenting Media Award for one of the “Greatest Products of the Year for 2006.” After evaluating hundreds of products by their experienced reviewers team, iParenting Media classifies BabyFirstTV as a superior product in the children’s television category among only seven other winners.

“We are proud and delighted to be an iParenting Media Award Winner,” said Sharon Rechter, executive vice president, Business Development and Marketing and one of BabyFirstTV’s founders. “The feedback and recognition we have received from our subscriber base has been incredibly positive and earning this award further demonstrates BabyFirstTV’s mission of providing high-quality, engaging and delightful content for babies and their parents.

With support from its Advisory Board of leading experts in children’s education, psychology and development, BabyFirstTV ensures its programming is of high quality and appropriate for children under the age of three. The Board provides their “stamp of approval” on all BabyFirstTV programs to verify they offer a safe, positive learning environment with no commercials, no violence and no over-sensory stimulants.

Featuring 80 percent original content and programming from popular children’s DVDs, BabyFirstTV provides opportunities for parents to bond, learn and explore with their baby. With interactive subtitles and unique color-coded programming that demonstrates the educational value of each program from language to math to music, BabyFirstTV provides parents with the tools to transform television into an active learning opportunity with their child. The network also offers a series just for parents offering tips and advice on various parenting topics.

“I think this is a fine channel,” said an iParenting Media Award’s reviewer. “Many of the segments are charming and certainly educational. Several of the segments introduced original ways of presenting ideas and the graphics were nice too.”

The network is currently available for $9.99 a month on DirecTV and DISH network and offers hundreds of hours of high-quality original programming including award-winning DVD content for less than the price of a single baby DVD.

About BabyFirstTV

BabyFirstTV is the first network in the U.S. dedicated to providing rich, innovative and inspiring content designed to enhance baby’s development in a delightful and engaging way. Supported by leading child development experts, the network is specifically tailored to meet the needs of babies in a safe and engaging commercial-free learning environment. Featuring 80 percent original content, BabyFirstTV offers parents a positive way to bond with baby and help foster learning and development. BabyFirstTV is a distinguished iParenting Media Award winner of one of the “greatest products of the year in 2006.” For more information, go to www.BabyFirstTV.com.

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