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Loved P.S. I Love You

Kudos to romantic comedies. My 34-year-old daughter worked on the film, “P.S. I Love You” which was released theatrically a couple of weeks ago. In honor or her birthday, I went to see it last night at our local cinemaplex. Loved it. Hillary Swank plays a young widow, crushed by the lost of her handsome, funny, passionate and thoroughly-in-love with her husband Gerry played by Gerard Butler. Out of the blue, on her 30th birthday, she receives what is to become the first of 10 letters from her deceased husband designed to help her deal with her loss and start a new life for herself. Before he died, Gerry wrote these letters, knowing firsthand how she would deal with his passing and her life without him. As the weeks and seasons pass, more letters from Gerry appear, often delivered in strange and mysterious ways. One sending her off to sing Karoke, another to Ireland. Holly’s tough love mother is played by Kathy Bates, her best friends by Gina Gershon and Lisa Kudrow. They’re concerned that Gerry’s letters are holding Holly back from moving forward with her life but in truth they manage to accomplish exactly what he planned. Bring a bundle of tissues with you to see this. I found myself sitting there with tears streamiing down my face in the final minutes of the film. Overall, it’s a sweet message about love and letting go, about believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams all enhance to a wonderful soundtrack that I’ve got to order today!

It’s rated PG for sexual references and brief nudity. A man and a woman argue while they are in their underware. There is a brief male striptease and implied sex. There is a scene in a gay bar and wearing little clothing. A scene shot from behind of a man naked. A man and woman have a one night stand. There is profanity. There are many scenes with alcohol use.
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